5 top tips for a sustainable wardrobe

5 top tips to having a sustainable wardrobe 
Did you know that creating an eco friendly wardrobe might be alot easier than you would think? It's important to think about how our habits are affecting the earth we live on and how we can make sure we are having more of a positive impact. We've put together 5 top tips to help you take a step forward in being your best sustainable self!
1. Organise and donate
The first step in creating a sustainable wardrobe is to simply organising your wardrobe. You never know what you're going to find at the back of your draws, it could be your favorite top you thought you had lost or a brand jew jacket you hung up and never got round to wearing but without fail you will always find something you forgot was there that you can wear. Having your clothes neatly organised and easily viewable is essential in making sure you are making the most out of them so get sorting! Whilst you are sorting through your clothes have a think of which pieces can be styled together, just because you've worn that top over and over again doesn't mean you can't make it new and exiting by simply styling it differently. After you've organised, if you find yourself with some clothes that just aren't your style anymore, donate them! Donating clothes to a homeless shelter or charity shop is a big step forward in living a sustainable lifestyle as they go into circulation again giving someone the opportunity to give them life again. Remember, one man's trash is another's treasure.
2. Buy second hand 
The next way you can start making a change is to start buying your clothes second hand. You can do this using apps such as depop vinted and ebayto help build up a unique wardrobe that is unapologetically you. Buying second hand is the most eco friendly way to shop because it means whatever you want to buy, you're not using any up any energy to create something new; the footprint already exists. If you worry about buying clothes online (incase they don't fit or have imperfections) you can always visit your local charity shop to try on your new clothes before you buy them, not only is this a fail safe way to get second hand clothes it's also the cheapest option so you can take risks with your style without having to worry about money. 
3. Hire your clothes 
Hiring clothes is the perfect way to do your help in saving the planet and look stylish while doing it. Many popular clothing brands have hire sections now in which you can: pick from their selection of clothes, keep them for a few days and then return them. This gives you the opportunity to wear brand new, fashionable, designer clothes at a hugely discounted price, without harming the planet as each piece will be reworn by someone else, instead of getting lost at the back of your wardrobe never to be seen again! We are proud to say that here at Jessicoture we have our very own hire section because we believe all of our customers should be the best dressed at every event without hurting the planet or your pocket. 
4. Say NO to fast fashion
There is no need to feel guilty about shopping new as long as you buy sustainably. These days trends come and go so quickly it's hard to keep up with them in and be conscious of your effect on the planet. Fast fashion brands pump out huge amounts of clothes in an unethical way just for them to be worn a few times before they go out of style. We need to come together and fight against these profit driven companies that are destroying our planet. Did you know 57% of clothing from fast fashion websites end up in landfill every year? This is a ridiculous amount of needless waste which we can help stop by shopping with brands that have sustainability as a core value. There is no need for fashion to have such a drastic impact on the planet we simply need to slow down the rate at which we are producing clothes. 
5. Repair your clothes 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when clearing out their wardrobe is throwing away clothes that don't fit properly, even if they love them. The average person throws away 82 pounds of textile waste every year, think of all the pairs of socks and jeans just being wasted. A hole in your jeans or that small stain on your favourite jacket isn't enough to throw the whole thing away, it's an easy fix. Go for the stylish 'distressed' look and leave them be or get your sewing kit out to fix that hole or get creative and put a patch over the stain, the possibilities are endless, you can bring a new lease of life to any piece. If you dont feel confident doing repairs or alterations yourself you can go to your local seamstress and have them do it for you, its also a much cheaper option than replacing the whole garment. 


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