How to build your own capsule wardrobe

                                         What is a capsule wardrobe?

 A capsule wardrobe is a collection of pieces that are   interchangeable and compliment each other. The aim of   capsule clothing is to create multiple outfits out of a   limited collection of clothes which helps make fashion   more sustainable and also gives you an opportunity to   make your signature style more prominent. This way of   dressing also reduces the stress of picking out your   outfit every morning because if you only have a few   pieces to pick from that you know you love, you know   you will be confident in whatever you choose! 

How to create your own capsule wardrobe: 

 Do you have any clothes that you wear every other day?   Perfect! this can be the beginning of your capsule   wardrobe. Capsule clothing should ideally be classic     styles that never go out of fashion or layering pieces that can be added to any outfit. If you're looking for some  inspo take a look at our diamante chainmail backless top; it can be paired with anything to bring your look to the next level or it can be worn by itself for a more sexy, sheer look. If that not your style you could always check out our hybrid half blazer skelt, it can be worn over skirts, shorts or trousers to amp up your favourite outfits making   this one of most versatile pieces yet. 

To build your capsule wardrobe, you will definitely want to stay away from micro trends that will only be in style for a short amount of time as most of these garments will end up in landfill. Most capsule pieces come in neutral tones, that can be matched with anything, and are suitably comfortable for your everyday life. Our favourite example of this is our Ultra wide leg trousers. With their timeless wide leg cut and neutral white tones we know that they are sure to be a piece you can rewear over and over again for all occasions. The pieces you choose to add to your collection should be versatile enough to dress them up or down just like our diamante pinstripe shirt. We like to pair this with the signature fitted blazer and hybrid tailored trousers to create a more formal but unique look or wear it by itself as a dress for a more comfortable, free look. The most important thing to remember when building your capsule wardrobe is that it's less about the clothes themselves and more about how you choose to style them! 

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