What is Clothing Hire?

Clothing hire is a form of slow fashion in which you hire clothing for an event, wear it a few times and then send it back, this helps prevent impulse buying and clothing wastage! It also means you can spend less on luxury clothing and try out more styles.

Imagine having the freedom to wear what you want to an event without worrying about the price and whether or not you’ll wear it more than once. Hiring out clothing also enables you to wear more lavish designer clothing that may sometimes feel unobtainable, hiring clothing makes wearing your favourite clothing for a special event a lot more affordable 

You can also save space in your wardrobe by not bulking it out with clothes you’ve only worn once, we all have clothes in our wardrobe that we haven’t worn at all, worn in months or even years, feeling guilty we hold on to them either because of how much they cost or because of sizing, with hire clothing this isn’t a problem, you can wear whatever you want for an event and then send it back! This way you’re not cluttering up your wardrobe or wasting money on clothes you don’t wear anymore.

You Can Try Out New Styles and be more experimental with what you wear and your personal style, this gives you more freedom to wear what you want without tying yourself down to a certain look.

With how fast fashion moves it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to keep on top of trends especially whilst trying your best not to contribute to fast fashion, hire clothing gives you the ability to avoid fast fashion, avoid outfit repeats and avoid wasting your money on something you probably won’t wear again.

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