What to wear at the fashion weeks

If you're about to visit your first fashion week you might be overwhelmed with choices on what to wear. We've put together some tips and tricks on how to be the trendiest person at any of the fashion weeks.

New York

In New York fashion, we have seen a rise in waist cinching with thick belts being added to blazers, (we think our Diamante Obi Belt Tuxedo Blazer is PERFECT for this) and voluminous skirts to crate a dramatic silhouettes. Along with that, it turns out brown is the new beige as designers in New York are coating their fall 2022 collections in rich chocolate brown and wooden shades. If your a fan of the corset look, you’ll be glad to hear they’ve been renewed for another season of boned undergarments. If you want to go for a more dramatic look, dressed down ball gowns have been seen all over the runways, pair a ball gown with an oversized hoodie for an avant-garde feel to your outfit.


The secret to being fashionable in Paris is to feel confident in what your are wearing. When you look at the Paris girls you will see that no matter what they wear they look effortlessly chic without looking like they are trying. Hybrid jackets have been very trendy in french fashion lately, with looks from designers such as Coperini's 'blazer hoodie'. If you're looking for your very own hybrid look to wear to Paris fashion week, we think our Hybrid Blazer Dress is a perfect option. While designers often choose a more neutral, earthy colour pallet in the fall, we've seen french designers using a lot of purple recently. With its links to royalty and luxury, it brings a regal, high class spirit to these designs. For more casual dressing, warm, fuzzy jumpers have been spotted all over Paris, think fluffy mohair and wool blends.


Now that were post lockdown, fashion trends are looking more and more colourful. We are seeing a rise in unexpected pattern combinations so don't be afraid to mix and match. Comfort is becoming a more fashionable option with casual looks getting more popular. Don't forget London fashion week is spread across many locations in the city so those fashionable yet casual trainers are your best option to have the best fashion week experience. For a pop of colour, pair your outfit with a brightly coloured blazer as we've seen lots of outfits being enhanced like this recently in London. If thats not your style, you might like the new goth glam look that has been spotted more and more in London designs. Black mesh, vampy make up and chain detailing is perfect for a more edgy gothic look. A classic London fashion piece is the trench coat, they never go out of style and they are great for fall! If you want the most glam trench in London, you should check out our Vegan Leather Trench Coat.


If you're heading to Milan fashion week, expect to see lots of low rise trousers, as the Y2K style sticks around for another season. Low rise blue denim jeans and a statement crop top is a great way to look effortlessly stylish and trendy. If you aren't comfortable getting your hipbones out, good news, some designers have paired low rise jeans with high waisted leggings to give a pop of colour. For a one-and-done solution on what to wear, catsuits have been popular in Italian fashion recently so you can take a second skin approach to your look. Not sure what colour to wear in Milan? A yellowish-green colour called Chartreuse has been everywhere this fall, spotted all over the streets and on the runway. The vibrant yet cool tone takes a slightly different approach to the traditional muted fall colours





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