A New Era of Wedding Dresses

During the lockdown, many couples had no choice but to get married at home on zoom or at a micro wedding, this meant that many brides were left without the wedding dress of their dreams. the alternative to this was a brand new style of bridal wear that was more affordable and less extravagant to suit their small weddings.
 Although we are out of lockdown and our lives have returned to normal, the new age of wedding dress styles has decided to stick around, with many brides opting for this more casual approach to bridal wear. We have put together 5 looks from our very own catalogue to give you the casual bride inspo you need!
1.The sophisticated bride: 
    For the ultimate sophisticated wedding look we have the perfect outfit for you! The hybrid 2 piece waistcoat dress is the perfect way to show your classy side as it oozes sophistication with its double breasted waistcoat structure. The diamante framing will give you that extra bit of bling you need to be the shining star at your wedding
2. The rebellious bride
Looking for a super sexy wedding look? Maybe you're sick of all the wedding planning and secretly wish you were running away to vegas to get eloped! The diamante illusion slash panel mini dress is the most stunning option for you, dance with your lover and sparkle under the lights for a night you will never forget. Not suitable for the ceremony? You could always be extra and have an outfit change for your reception; remember, this day is all about you.
3. The casual bride
If you want a simple no fuss wedding this look will be right for you, the diamante pinstripe shirt is the perfect mix of casual and bridal for a relaxed wedding. The loose fit of the shirt dress will make sure you can focus on having the perfect night instead of worrying about how uncomfortable your wedding dress is. The diamante pinstripes will have u sparkling under the disco lights as you enjoy your carefree wedding.
4.The power bride
Want something even more outside the box than a casual dress? Lots of brides are opting for bridal trousers instead for a more 21st century look. We think our ultra wide leg trousers are the perfect choice for a flattering, powerful bridal look. The wide leg shape adds some extravagance to this powerful outfit to ensure you are the center of attention at your wedding.
5.The classy bride
If you're looking for something a little bit more traditional but still outside of the box we think the diamante loop set would be the right outfit for you! The asymmetric diamante loop skirt paired with the diamante loop blazer are extremely flattering for a classic feminine silhouette whereas the the diamante detailing adds the much needed touch of bling for your ultimate classy bridal look.

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