JESSICOTURE boasts pioneering style, designing staple yet unique statement pieces which empower the person who wears them. We are an inclusive brand that celebrates the modern human of the 21st century who wants to stand out.

Graduating with a BA Hons Fashion Degree; Founder and Head of Design Jessi has been designing and making clothing with her grandmother since the age of 5. Jessi’s fashion formula has always been that you never need an occasion to dress and feel your best, which intrinsically shines through in her irreverently glamorous and playfully decadent design handwriting. Her vision is of an idiosyncratic razor sharp sophisticate, who is capable and strong without taking themselves too seriously. Novel re-workings of tailoring, power dressing, embellishment and a street style edginess are the fundamental ingredients of the JESSICOTURE brand aesthetic. A perfectly contemporary hybrid for a new age in fashion.



Jessi’s passion for exclusivity plays an important role in JESSICOTURE brand. We value the importance of offering our customers a unique image, which is why we only produce small quantities of each design, maintaining the ability to stand out amongst the masses with limited edition style. Once it’s sold out, that’s it! Because we also recognise the significance of building a more sustainable future, proudly creating forever pieces for your wardrobe and covetable style which can be innovated from season to season, year on year for the slow fashion market. Our mission is to create timeless pieces with selective fabrics and quality manufacture which will stand the test of time.